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The Amazon Future Engineer - Programming Challenge FAQ
Application status: Closed

Completion of the Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) assessment is optional, but can be taken as an alternative to the computer science (CS) course requirement. Didn't take a CS course in high school? No problem! Try out the AFE programming challenge to show us your skills!

Not at all! This is assessment is just to gain an understanding of your comprehension of the computer science function. If you would like to try out the format of coding questions in HackerRank before taking the assessment, you’re welcome to practice using the Amazon Coding Sample.

The assessment includes four sections. To complete your assessment, you must work through the first three sections. The last section (Feedback) is optional.
  1. Programming Basics (timed - 15 minutes)
  2. Programming Application (timed - 20 minutes)
    • The coding questions in this section can be solved using different, supported programming languages. You can choose your preferred programming language for each question within the platform.
  3. Programming Preferences and Background (timed - 5 minutes)
  4. Feedback (optional - 5 minutes)

Once you begin the assessment, you have 45 minutes to complete. Each section is individually timed. Once you begin the assessment, the timer will continue to count down, even if you log-out. If you do log-out or are disconnected, you can access your session using your original link and log-in credentials.

No. Once you submit the assessment you are not able to take it again for the current application period.

The assessment does not have a strict “passing score” and results will be calibrated based on the overall performance of applicants from this application period. We are unable to share assessment results for this application window.

You will receive an automated email from HackerRank, our coding platform vendor, within 30 minutes of completing the assessment. Be sure to check your spam folder!