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The program is currently closed.


Callaway Golf Foundation Scholarship Program
Application status: Closed

The Callaway Golf Company Foundation is pleased to provide a program to benefit dependents of Callaway Golf employees. If you are an employee of the Callaway Golf family, a member of your family may be eligible to receive a scholarship to college!

The Callaway Golf Foundation Scholarship Program will provide financial awards to promising students who seek higher education. Both Callaway Golf and the Callaway Golf Company Foundation firmly believe in the fundamental importance of education and that it should be accessible to everyone, regardless of his or her background or financial position.

This program is administered by Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship, tuition assistance and other education support programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, or national origin.

Applications to the Callaway Golf Foundation Scholarship Program will be accepted from students who can answer “yes” to all the following:

  • Am I a dependent of a full-time Callaway Golf employee (i.e., do I qualify for benefits from Callaway Golf Company)?
  • Am I a graduating high school senior, a high school graduate or a student already enrolled in an undergraduate college or university program or in a vocational/technical program?
  • Do I plan to enroll in a full-time course of undergraduate study at an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school as of the fall session?
  • Do I plan to attend a school in the United States?

Officers’ dependents are not eligible to apply to the program.


What is the award?

Scholarship amounts can range from $1,000 to $10,000, the exact amount to be determined by Scholarship America based on your family’s ability to contribute to your education. Scholarship recipients whose families have no financial need as calculated by Scholarship America or whose parents do not wish to complete the Financial Data section of the application will receive a one-time honorary award of $1,000.

Other than the $1,000 honorarium, scholarships are for one (1) year and are renewable for up to three (3) additional years. Your scholarship will be eligible for renewal if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are not on academic probation; and
  • You are taking classes full-time (completing an average of 12 credits per term).

How are decisions made?

Scholarships are awarded based on merit. Consideration will be given to:

  • academic performance;
  • demonstrated leadership abilities and participation in school or community activities;
  • work experience;
  • a statement of career and educational aspirations and goals; and
  • a recommendation from a school teacher or a school counselor.

Selection of recipients is made by Scholarship America. In no instance does any officer or employee of The Callaway Golf Company Foundation play a part in the selection. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.

When do I find out?

Applicants are notified in early May. Recipients will receive an emailed link to Scholarship America’s online acceptance form. Recipients must complete and submit the form to claim their award. The acceptance form will confirm which school you will attend and include necessary information for issuance of the check.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarship America processes scholarship payments on behalf of The Callaway Golf Company Foundation. Payments are made in early August.

As part of your application, you must upload the following document:

  • Current, complete transcript of grades. Grade reports are not accepted. Unofficial or online transcripts must display student name, school name, grades and credit hours for each course, and term in which each course was taken.

Also as part of your application, one online recommendation form must be submitted on your behalf.

Your application is not considered complete unless all required documents are submitted electronically.

Callaway Golf Foundation has partnered with Scholarship America. Selecting the button below will redirect you to the Scholarship America Student Hub!