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Knoll Educational Scholarship Program
Application status: Closed
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Knoll, Inc. has established a scholarship program to assist associates’ children and grandchildren who plan to continue their education in college, university, or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time and part-time study at an accredited or bonafide institution of the student’s choice.

This program is administered by Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship, tuition assistance and other education support programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals. Eligibility for individual programs is determined at the sole discretion of the sponsor, and eligible applications are reviewed by Scholarship America’s evaluation team. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or national origin.

Applicants of the Knoll Educational Scholarship Program must be:

  • Dependent children* or grandchildren** (up to the age of 26) of full-time or part-time (associates who work 20 or more hours per week) Knoll, Inc., associates, domestic or international, who have a minimum of one year of continuous employment with the company as of the application deadline date.
    *Dependent children are defined as natural and legally adopted children or stepchildren living in the associate’s household or primarily supported by the associate.
    **Grandchildren are defined as natural and legally adopted grandchildren or step-grandchildren.
  • High school seniors or graduates who plan to enroll or students who are already enrolled in full-time or part-time undergraduate study at an accredited or bonafide two to four-year college, university, vocational-technical school, or trade school for the entire upcoming academic year. Students planning to attend Military Service Academies are not eligible.

Children of Vice President level and up are not eligible.


Knoll will award annually at least 5% of the scholarship endowment. The maximum scholarship awarded is based on 25% of the total applicant pool and 5% of the scholarship endowment.

Awards are not renewable; however, students may reapply to the program each year they meet eligibility requirements. Students may receive the award up to four times total.

Awards are for undergraduate study only.


Applicants will be notified in June. Not all applicants to the program will be selected as recipients. Students may reapply to the program each year they meet eligibility requirements.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarship America processes scholarship payments on behalf of Knoll, Inc. Payments are made in one installment in early August.

Selection of Recipients

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, work experience, statement of educational and career goals and objectives, unusual personal or family circumstances, and an online recommendation

First priority will be given to students who show the greatest financial need. Financial need as calculated by Scholarship America must be demonstrated for the student to receive an award.

Selection of recipients is made by Scholarship America. In no instance does any officer or employee of Knoll, Inc. play a part in the selection. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.

Documents required to apply for this scholarship differ depending upon where the applicant resides and attends school. This is due to differences in educational systems. Please see the appropriate section below.

    • Students from the U.S. and Canada:
      • High school seniors or students who have completed less than one semester of post-secondary education must include the following documents:
        • A current, complete high school transcript of grades. Grade reports are not accepted. Unofficial or online transcripts must display student name, school name, grades and credit hours for each course, and term in which each course was taken.
      • Students currently or previously enrolled in university must include the following documents:
        • A current, complete transcript from each school attended.
    • Students from countries other than the U.S. and Canada:
      • Final year secondary school students and students who have completed less than one year of university must include the following documents:
        • Academic record for all secondary education course work completed during the past three years, and
        • Results of academic examinations.
      • Students currently or previously enrolled in university must include the following documents:
        • Academic record for all university education course work completed, and
        • Secondary school credential/diploma/certificate.

          NOTE: If you are providing SAT or ACT test scores, and those scores are not listed on your high school transcript, you will need to upload an official copy of those test scores separately. If you are uploading a college transcript, those scores are not required.

English translations must be provided for all non-English documents.

One online recommendation form must be submitted on your behalf no later than April 5, 2022 4:00 pm ET.

Your application is not complete unless all required documents are submitted electronically.

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