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Lands' End School Starboard Scholarship Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Application status: Closed

Students currently enrolled in grades 8-12 at a Lands’ End Preferred School. The school must have a preferred status as of September 13, 2023. The school must be an active customer of Lands’ End at the time of application and not have submitted any cancellation notice.
The student completes the application. Students under the age of 13 must have parental consent before the student can start the application. Please visit the application website for further instructions.
The teacher recommendation is an online one-page form that the teacher completes. This form must be completed before the student can lock and submit his/her application. The student sends the teacher an email from his/her application that contains a link to the recommendation form. The teacher completes the form and locks and submits it to the student’s application. The student cannot see the completed form; however, the student can tell if the recommendation form was submitted.
Yes, the student should receive the teacher’s permission before sending a recommendation request email.
Schools have security firewalls that block some emails. If the teacher does not receive the email, have the teacher check the computer’s Spam/Junk folder. If the email did not arrive, have the teacher give you another email. (example - a Google or Yahoo account) If the teacher is unwilling to do so, the student will have to ask another teacher to be their recommender.
A transcript or a report card (depending on the age of the student) from the entire 2022-2023 academic year. The document needs to show the student’s name, the school’s name, and all classes, credit hours and grades listed per term taken.
Yes, there are two essay questions. Each essay may be up to 1000 characters in length. Directions are given within the application.

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