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NHRP Frequently Asked Questions
Application status: Closed
Once you are sure you have attached all of the required documents, and have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully. Kindly note, this email only confirms receipt of your application; it does not mean your application was complete. Completeness will be verified by the evaluation team. Be sure to submit all required documents for a full evaluation to be completed.
A school official must provide the following as part of the "Eligibility Verification Form":
  • The student's cumulative GPA by the middle of their junior year
  • Confirm graduation year
  • Confirm ethnicity designation.
The school will confirm this on the Eligibility Verification Form. If a student's midpoint cumulative GPA is not available when the student applies, the school can provide an estimate. If the estimated GPA is borderline and does not fit one of the listed categories, the school can wait until the end of the student's junior year for final GPA but it must be submitted before the program deadline.

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